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Frequently Asked Questions.
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Product/Questions about Use


1. What are the features/benefits of Amuleto?
1) Amuleto lamp is a timeless work of art by Alessandro Mendini, one of the world-famous design
2) Amuleto follows international renowned ophthalmologist's guidelines to ensure the best light for eye health.
3) Amuleto lamp does not produce UV,IR radiation, flicker produce UV, IR radiation, flicker(Flicker Zero) nor hot heat.
4) This is an environmentally friendly product that obtained Restriction of Hazardous
   Substances(RoHS) certification.
5)Consumes less than 10W, saves electricity.
6) Touch Dimming feature that allows 51-level(11section) brightness dimmer. 
7) In Sleeping mode, it is the ideal brightness for nursing and patient care.
2. What are Neutral white and Soft Warm White like?
   - Soft Warm White is a light tone of yellow while Neutral white is central natural white. 
   - Soft Warm White might look a bit darker than Neutral white at the same level of brightness.
   - At the highest brightness level, Neutral White provides a higher level of illumination than
     Soft Warm White.
3. Can I use the product with a 110v outlet?
   - Our products can be used with AC 100~240V / 50~60Hz Free voltage.
4. What does the Sleeping Mode do?
   - If you want to take a break, choose the Sleeping Mode 
   - You can use the Sleeping Mode when you sleep with a soft light.
   - Effective brightness for nursing, child care, and patient care.
   - To further lower the brightness, twist the head and place the light-emitting part against
     the wall.
5. How much electricity does the product use for 7 hours a day?
   - It is difficult to say, because electricity bills are based on cumulative consumption.
     But it is much cheaper than incandescent or fluorescent lights.
   - Its power consumption is 10-8 watts, one fifth of that of an ordinary light bulb.
6. How much does the base rotate?
   - 300 degrees left and right, respectively.
7. Which part should I grab when moving the product?
   - Hold it by the middle and prop the bottom with your hand.
  (However, do not hold it by the lamp when moving it.)
8. Does it have a timer during the Sleeping Mode?
   - The amuleto does not feature a timer. The campanello has timer function.
9. Can I use the product in harsh environments?
   - You can. However, when used in harsh environments, it may suffer deterioration in luminous 
   efficacy or deformation of some parts, resulting in malfunction. 
   We recommend you use the product in normal environments whenever possible.
10. If the product has a transparent color, its inside can be seen from outside; 
     if used for a long time, will its inner parts get discolored?
   - We plate all the components inside the lamp to prevent discoloration as much as possible.
11. Any color changes or peeling on the exterior?
   - We coat and chrome-plate the product to prevent change in shape or peeling as much as
12. How do I repair the LED of the lamp when its service life expires?
   - Given that you use the lamp 6 hours each day, you do not have to repair the LED
     during 20 years, depending on the environmental differences. Once the LED has expired,
     you can always visit our service center and have it repaired.
13. What are the adapter length, product height and width?
   - Adapter length: 319
   - Product height, width: Check the technical drawing in Products menu.
14. What are the differences between amuleto and amuleto mini?
   - First of all, amuleto mini is smaller than amuleto. Please check the dimensions of each
     product on the detail page.
   - While amuleto has a three-Joint structure, amuleto mini has a two-joint structure with
     the middle joint fixed.
   - amuleto provides a higher level of brightness than amuleto mini.