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Frequently Asked Questions.
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FAQ 본문게시판 테이블입니다.






1. Ramun's website does not work properly. What is problem?
  - Upgrade the OS of your device to the latest version.
  - Upgrade the Internet Explorer to the latest version and launch the website.
2. What are the economic benefits of LED as a light source?
   - It provides high luminous efficiency and saves energy due to low power consumption.
   - It reduces maintenance/repair costs due to long service life.
3. Can I try the product (check the product in person) before purchasing it?
   - You can try the product at store.
   - You can also take a look at desk lamps in various colors and have a wide variety of
4. What is the optimum level of light (lux) for eyes?
   - It depends on the person; you have to adjust the luminance according to your
     However, the clinical trial results found that intermediate level(4-6) brightness is
     the most  comfortable for eyes.
5. How do I clean my product?
   - The product is UV-coated, so you can just wipe it with a soft cloth.
6. How can I tell fake products?
   - Check the serial code inside your product.
7. Why is your product more expensive than other companies?
   - Even if there are no legal restrictions, our use of materials that are harmless to humans
     increases  the cost of materials.
   - Our use of the best, high-quality components and materials also increases the cost of
   - We provide timeless products that help develop design sensibilities.
   - Our handmade process of creating beautiful design also increases the cost of materials.
8. Why is there a price difference between transparent and opaque products?
   - Since a transparent product provides a look inside the lamp, it requires the process of
     removing dust from the components and people's fingerprints. Furthermore, it also
     requires additional workmanship in internal metals, which increases the price.