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Frequently Asked Questions.
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FAQ 본문게시판 테이블입니다.






1. Do I get a discount if I order large quantities?
   - We are afraid we do not offer discounts.
2. Can I cancel my order within a few days of submitting it?
   - You can cancel your order before sending a delivery request to the delivery company.
     (However, orders for customized products may not be able to be cancelled,
      so please think twice carefully making an order.)
3. Can I change colors for different parts?
   - You can change colors for the base, middle, lamp, and pipe to suit your tastes when making
     an order.
4. Where do I buy accessories or parts?
   - We do not sell parts separately, but you can buy certain types of accessories at
     our online store.
5. Will I have to pay more if i choose a different color for each case?
   - If you choose a model that comes in a combination of different colors,
     you will have to pay more.
6. Why is your product more expensive than other companies?
 - Even if there are no legal restrictions, our use of materials that are harmless
to humans
   as much as possible increases the cost of materials.
 - Our use of the best, high-quality components and materials also increases the cost
 - We provide timeless products that help develop design sensibilities.
 - Our handmade process of creating beautiful designs also increases the cost of materials.
7. Why is there a price difference between transparent and opaque products?
   - Since a transparent product provides a look inside the lamp, it requires the process of
     removing dust from the components and people’s fingerprints. Furthermore, it also requires
     additional workmanship in internal metals, which increases the price. 
8. Where can I buy Amuleto?
   - Amuleto is available at Ramuns stores.


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