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Made by Alessandro Mendini as an amulet protecting his grandchild’s space, RAMUN campanello is famous for light with healing music and can be used both as a night light or nursing light (breast-feeding lamp) and a unique ornament on the table, whose candlelight feature creates a romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, the soft and subdued light reflected off the uneven surface of the lamp body at different angles exudes a very fantastic aurora, lending the space an air of mystery and sophistication. The design with the shape of a human body reflects Mendini’s philosophy of design that objects should be able to interact with humans. The campanello muse contains soothing music arranged by a master of sound for Swiss music boxes. He arranged pieces of music by Chopin, Beethoven, and Bach to create healing tunes. When used as prenatal education music, these tunes provide the mother comfort and help develop the child's brain and emotional intelligence (EQ). The campanello solo offers the beautiful thousand-year-old sounds of Marinelli, an Italian bell foundry and a designated major supplier of bells to the Vatican.


When you touch the head on Campanello, the small character we created, you are involved in a small performance that takes place right at your table. You find yourself facing a small, mysterious creature, and are immediately drawn into the fun of using it. It is a kind of toy for adults, with a head, eyes and a sprightly appearance. The gesture of touching the figurine and hearing its sound become a mini-spectacle that favors the enjoyment of the moment.