RAMUN amuleto was a landmark achievement in the history of lamp design because it was the first embodiment of a slim ring design using a new light source "High CRI LED". This 51-levels dimmable LED desk lamp inspired by surgical light represents the pinnacle of advanced lighting technology, which provides highly uniform brightness of the light-emitting part, prevents exposure to UV and IR radiation, and does not cause any flicker. This articulation mechanism of reproducing a human's arm has a neat, durable structure without wires or springs protruding from the end proving its unparalleled technology. A bulletproof glass “Stained-pla”inspired by stained glass maximizes the benefits of the material, such as giving splendid and various colors and high clarity, and flaunts its beauty as an ornamental object. “amuleto” is the Italian word for amulet, indicating a longing for mankind’s happiness and fulfillment of dreams. Its circular illuminated disk, midsection, and base are symbolic of the trinity of the sun, moon, and earth, respectively.


Amuleto, the name of the lamp, means "luck".
Here are three circles in the universe with the sun, the moon and the earth connected by shafts.
"The idea to marry the modernity of this lamp's futurist technology with the very ancient method of mother-of-pearl inlay is something exceptional and quite extraordinary."
The maestro who crafted this decoration is one of the most talented in the Orient.
He made the pattern of dots I designed with truly miraculous skill, precision and measuredness.
His capacity demonstrates the richness of a tradition that still continues today

Alessandro Mendini