Doctor Tested

RAMUN is setting out strict standards to ensure proper eye protection in cooperation with the Eye Care Centers of the world-renowned university hospital.Its cutting-edge technologies and design aesthetic allow the company to stay ahead of the game and get ready for tomorrow.

[Objectives of the Study]Our eyes take in loads of information either in everyday life or at work. Furthermore, the fast-growing new forms of digital media have exposed us to the environment that aggravates eye strain. In such circumstances, quality lighting is more important than ever. RAMUN’s amuleto is designed to provide ideal lighting conditions in this digital age. The company proved the quality of amuleto through clinical research by comparing and testing both the objective and subjective aspects of the product.

[Details of the Study]Objective Verification - The study is designed to produce objective results using a tear film break-up time (TFBUT) test, a slit-lamp exam, a Schirmer’s test, an intraocular pressure (IOP) test, a refraction test, and a LogMAR test. / Preference Testing - The test evaluates the preference of subjects based on appropriate dimmer control, normal color vision, clear coverage, heat generation, flickering, and light (shadow) intensity. / Subjective Testing on Eye Comfort The test evaluates the comfort of eyes based on fuzziness of handwriting and pictures, double vision, shining of white paper, effects on the perception of color differences, headache, dizziness, eye fatigue, presence of foreign bodies, itchiness, dry eyes, flickering, blinking, watery eyes, red eyes, burning (heat) sensation in the eye, and tightness in the neck.