RAMUN Astro chandelier was made as the central chandelier of Alessandro Mendini Hall during the 2010 Design Olympics. The chandelier’s eccentric design and unique, wavy silhouette added Mendini’s flamboyant, idiosyncratic style to the interior of the hall. Using 11,000 RGB LEDs, the chandelier produces light waves reflecting off the ridges of its surface in varying colors, creating an exotic atmosphere.


This large chandelier is based on the rotation of two horizontal squares, the large top and small bottom ones, around a vertical axis. The four oblique surfaces obtained give birth to a dynamic volume. LED strips cover these surfaces, making them glimmer and glow. The rotation of the lamp expresses and represents the rotation of a celestial body in the universe. Indeed, this chandelier is meant to be a technological and poetic star in outer space. Its movement in the cosmos, along with the oscillation of its light and its colors, is an expression of positive energy that enters into contact with everyone who sees this wonder-lamp.