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Frequently Asked Questions.
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FAQ 본문게시판 테이블입니다.






1. Can I have a copy of the Warranty printed out?
   - The Warranty is included in the User Manual.
2. Do you use environmentally friendly materials?
   - Our products meet the RoHS requirements.
3. Does the product feature a safety shutdown system?
   - The product(excluding adapter) uses DC12V, which is harmless to the human body,
     and therefore does not require an additional safety device.
4. How do I repair the LED of the lamp when its service life expires?
- Given that you use the lamp 6 hours each day, you do not have to repair the light bulb(LED)
  during 20 years, depending on the environmental differences. Once the light bulb(LED) has expired,
  you can always visit our service center and have it repaired.
5. Who do I contact if my product needs service?
   - Bring your product to our stores or send it to us by parcel service.
   - You can also contact our Customer Service Center for information on the repair process.
     All products covered by our Warranty will be serviced free of charge for warranty period.
     However, service charges will apply to defects caused by mishandling on your part.
6. How long will my repair service take?
   - Service times can be reduced as much as possible, but delivery times cannot be adjusted.
     We will take care of your product as fast as possible. You will be notified of the time required
     for your service upon completion of the service request. 
7. Can I replace a broken LED by buying it separately?
   - You cannot purchase LEDs separately. (You have to request a repair.)




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