Riflesso is where Alessandro Mendini, a design maestro, puts his love to his family and is a masterpiece that not only shows the best visual beauty essential for tableware, but also is a non-toxic container, free from various hazardous substances. As a design accessory that enriches your space, it makes you think about tableware differently and feel the pleasure provided by art and design in your daily lives.


This is a set of four objects: a tray, a drinking glass and two bowls. It can be used at home or in the office, and the four objects can be used together or separately. In a domestic setting, in the living room or kitchen, they are appropriate for teatime, aperitifs and after dinner – chocolates, cocktail snacks, olives, fruit, and drinks. In the office, they are containers for pencils, paper clips and elastics. They are made of elegantly gleaming stained-pla with a decorative relief. They are transparent, and available in different colors. This refined set of objects makes an excellent gift for being a positive presence and an aesthetic ornament in the interior. It absorbs and emits the energy of incoming light from the surroundings.
-Alessandro Mendini-
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